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Meet the founder

Marcos Detourist is the founder and resident blogger of

Fuelled by his passion for experiencing meaningful adventures in the Philippines and beyond, he worked on his dream of sustaining a travel lifestyle after finishing his studies.

He founded Detourista as a way to give back to people and places that had inspired his path. He shares his best photos and helpful travel advice to fellow adventurers who are planning their next adventure.

Marcos’ blogging journey started in 2006 with and Both have been remarked as one of the Philippines’ top travel blogs and destination websites. His travels have led him to many beautiful places in the Philippines and beyond. He especially loves to visit hidden destinations and embark on off-beat adventures.

Get to know more about Marcos life-changing journey as a traveler, pinoy blogger and photographer.

What is Detourista?

“Detourista” stems from the root word “tour,” which means “journey” or the act of traveling from one place to another.

There are two noticeable words in Detourista: detour and tourista.

To people who have made travel a significant part of their lifestyle, these two words may connote two very different types of travelers.

A turista, the Spanish word for “tourist,” is a person who simply enjoys being away from home for pleasure. This person enjoys tourist traps, run-of-the-mill group tours, and is totally fine traveling thousands of miles away from home and never venturing out of their all-inclusive resort. Well, except when it’s time for shopping.

Meanwhile, the word “detour” relates to people who like to deviate from the typical tourist trail. They like to discover things not listed on guidebooks and crave the satisfaction of having a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures. This type of traveler enjoys eating local food, riding local transport, or meeting and staying with local people. is simply a haven for people who enjoy traveling and want to get inspired to go on their next adventure. It is not limited to a particular travel preference and is not concerned with labels.


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