Detourista travel blog was created to help travelers achieve their travel goals and enjoy the most out of their trips.

Attracting over a million views annually, Detourista is one of the most visited travel blogs in the World. The blog features helpful travel guides, itineraries for first-timers and inspiring visuals from beautiful destinations in the Philippines, Asia & beyond.

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Meet Marcos Detourista

Marcos is the founder and travel blogger of Fuelled by his passion to experience meaningful adventures in the Philippines and beyond, he chased his dream of sustaining a travel lifestyle after finishing his studies.

He founded Detourista as a way to give back to people and places that had inspired his path.

He loves to share inspiring content and helpful travel advice to fellow travelers who are planning their next trip.

What is a Detourista?

“Detourista” is a mashup of two words “detour” and “turista”.

To people who have made travel a significant part of their lifestyle, these two words may connote two very different types of travelers — The serial adventurer and the casual sightseer. is a haven for the detouristas of the World, people who love to discover beautiful tourist spots, while always seeking worthwhile travel experiences.


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