If you are craving to visit a destination that offers unspoiled natural scenery with a rustic countryside charm, Antique might be your brand of paradise. Known as the land where the mountains meet the sea, it is a province that occupies almost the entire the western coast of Panay Island in the Philippines.

Despite its close location from Boracay Island, Antique is often overlooked by travelers. You won’t find tourist crowds, big international-brand resorts, or roaring dance clubs here. In contrast, what you will get to see and experience in Antique are pristine beaches and highland attractions largely untouched by mainstream tourism, and interaction with locals who are genuinely delighted to showcase their natural and cultural heritage.

Early this year, I and a couple more travel bloggers joined a familiarization tour that took us around the emerging tourist attractions of Antique province.


Here are photo highlights from our 6-day adventure:


Sunset view from Estaka Hill Viewpoint at Bugasong Town Center.


Cooking demonstration of Bandi (and Butong-butong), famous sweet delicacies of Antiqueños.


Lambaklad fishing at Tibao during the peaceful hours of dawn.

Lambaklad Fishing, a huge stationary fish trap used to catch tuna, barracuda, tangigue and other fish.

Morning selfy with Regine and Elal.

From sea

To grill

Gentle rapids of Tibiao River during the dry season

Bamboo bridge along the trail to Bugtong-Bato Falls

First level of the seven-tiered Bugtong-Bato Waterfalls. A steep trail (left side) leads to the upper tiers.

Climbing up a rope is needed to get to the third tier.

Wider view of the second and third falls.

Group photo with Pinoy Travel Bloggers (left to right): Gino, Yaj, Me, Regine.

Relaxing Kawa (large wok) Hot Bath after the trek to the waterfall

The obligatory “Hut Tubs. It’s More Fun in the Philippines” shot.

View verdant of Kawa Peter’s Lodge, where we had our Kawa Hot Bath.

Group photo before kayaking on the white water rapids of the Tibiao River.

Foot spa pools at Tibiao Fish Spa, divided into sections for small, medium, and large “therafish.”

Foot spa with little fish nibbling off dead skin.

Late afternoon at Tiguis Beach.

Sunset selfy on a leaning coconut tree at the southern end of Tiguis Beach.

Where to stay in Tibiao

  • UA Hometel (Tario Lim Memorial Campus, University of Antique, Poblacion, Tibiao, Antique, Philippines)


Glorious view from The Strand (Culasi Seaside Park).

Approaching Mararison Island, accessible by a short boat ride from Culasi Town Proper.

Overlooking view of the white sandbar and Antique’s mountain range along the inland trail at Mararison Island.

Pitcher plants thriving on the hills of Mararison Island.

More arid yet equally beautiful view of Mararison Island’s western coast.

Must-take group photo at Mararison Island’s white sandbar.

Where to stay in Culasi

  • Anna Sophie Hostel (Centro Sur, Culasi, Antique, Philippines)
  • Phone: +63 920 476 2508
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anna-Sophie-Hostel/353967704722401


Venerated image of Señor San Blas (St. Blaise) housed in the the parish Church of Sebaste. Thousands of devotees visit this statue, described as “miraculous,” every third day of February.

  • St. Blaise Parish


Scenic sunset view from Pandan Beach Resort.

Sunrise along the pristine coastline at Pandan town center.

Inviting hammock at Pandan Beach Resort.

Malumpati Cold Spring and its enchanting turquoise-colored natural pool.

Colorful handmade bag souvenirs at Malumpati Cold Springs. They are sold at a fraction of the cost compared to buying them in Boracay.

Canopy of old trees protecting spring goers from the sun.

Scenic river cruise on a bamboo raft along the tranquil Bugang River, regarded as the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines.

Nearly white-colored sand at the northern half of Pandan’s coast.

Where to stay in Pandan

  • Pandan Beach Resort (Baranggay Dionela, Pandan, Antique, Philippines)
    • Phone: Baranggay Dionela, Pandan, Antique
    • Website: http://www.pandanbeachresort.com/


Banig, woven mats made from pandan leaves, masterfully crafted by local women of Libertad.

The finished product ready for sale!

Entrance cavern of Maanghit Cave, one of the potential tourist attractions of Libertad, Antique.

Huge chamber on the inner caverns of Maanghit Cave.

Crystalline stalagmite formation on the cave  wall.

Where to stay in Libertad

  • Ucoy Beach Resort (Brgy. Union, Libertad, Antique, Philippines)
    • Phone: (+63) 36 2723307, (+63) 09282457574
    • Website: http://www.ucoybeachresort.com/

Antique is a worthwhile destination on its own but if you’re visiting Boracay, the northern half of Antique is just one to two hours away from Caticlan. Additionally, if you are traveling between Iloilo and Boracay, you can take the coastal route via Southern Iloilo and then Antique province. The travel time is up to two hours longer than passing through Capiz but there are far more interesting views and pitstops along the way.

Want to arrange a tour in Antique? Visit Katahum Tours for rates and itinerary.

This entry was made possible through the Antique Heritage Tour 2014 co-organized by Katahum Tours and Antique Provincial Tourism Office with the support of the Department of Tourism (Region 6), and the Provincial and Municipal Local Government Units of Antique.