Soon, I will be fulfilling a BIG travel goal — I’m going on my first EURO TRIP! As you can imagine, my excitement level’s through the roof thinking about beautiful places waiting for me in Europe. What’s more, I’m going to share these amazing moments with travel buddy Gael (

Since we’re going this January, we’ll also be enjoying our first ever winter experience.

We will kick off our trip in Greece less than a month from now.

You’re probably asking, why visit Greece during the winter season?

Greek holidays are usually filled with images of sunny paradise islands, sparkling seas, hillside villages, ancient monuments and vibrant blue skies. You’re likely to see all that when you visit the country at the height of summer.

During winter time, there are significantly fewer tourists. The low season presents an exciting opportunity to explore the “local” experience in Greece, and get a glimpse of Athens from an Athenian’s perspective. PLUS, we are really looking forward to enjoying the beautiful scenery without the tourist crowds.

Is Europe your travel goal too? Check out our bucketlist of beautiful places to see in and beyond Athens.

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1. Ancient Acropolis

A trip to Athens is not complete without visiting the Acropolis, the ancient hilltop citadel home to iconic ruins of the Parthenon. Entrance fees to the Acropolis and many ancient sites in the city are reduced to half the price during winter. You can enjoy lower travel costs, smaller crowds, and even a chance to see the city covered in snow (although it does not usually snow a lot in Athens).


2. Plaka food district

Plaka district is known as one of Athen’s best places to go for Greek food and nightlife. If you’re seeking a more local feel of Athens, the cooler months are the best time to go because locals are more likely to be in town, not out on the islands.

3. Museums and heritage sites

Athens is filled with world-class museums and important ancient sites. This is one of the top reasons why I want to visit. For starters, the National Archaeological Museum, Benaki Museum, and the Byzantine & Christian Museum houses the world’s finest collection of Greek antiquities. If that’s not enough, you can also go on day trips to an astounding number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites nearby including sites in Delphi, Mycenae, Meteora, Distomo, and Tiryns. Within Athens, must-visit places include the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Ancient Agora, Panathenaic Stadium (site of the original Olympic games and 1st modern Olympic games).

3. Cape Sounio

Another beautiful day trip from Athens. Cape Sounio is famous for stunning views of the Aegean Sea and ancient Temple of Poseidon perched on a cliff.

4. Ski resorts near Athens

Before planning the trip, I didn’t even know that Greece has its fair share of Alpine ski resorts and snow-covered mountains. Needless to say, the cooler months of December, January and February are the best time to experience Winter Wonderland in Greece. Here’s a list of top ski destinations perfect for a day trip or a weekend getaway from Athens:

Mount Olympus Elatochori Ski Center

Velouxi Ski Resort, Karpenissi

Mount Pelion Ski Center

Mount Mainalos Ski Center

Kalavrita Ski Center

Parnassos Ski Resort

5. Beyond Athens


During our Schengen Visa interview, the Greek consul shared with us many exciting winter destinations in Greece. Her passion and enthusiasm got us all excited to explore the many possibilities to go about our trip. Check out the list below for inspiration.

Kastoria — A traditional town built on the hills on the shores of Lake Orestiada, in a valley surrounded by limestone mountains. This place is known as one of the most beautiful towns in the northern region of Greece.

Thessaloniki — Greece’s second city famous for centuries-old multicultural history and scenic waterfront.

Corfu — An island off Greece’s northwest coast with rugged mountains and a resort-studded shoreline. Its rich cultural landscape is a medley of Greek, Venetian, French and British influences. In Corfu town, you can find Venetian fortresses, winding medieval lanes, a French-style arcade and the grand Palace of St. Michael and St. George.

Crete — This is Greece’s largest island with the warmest winters in Europe.


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Even more awesome is the inflight café menu that lets you experience Greece from the get-go with Greek food items like Greek salad and Moussaka – exclusive to the Singapore-Athens flight!

I’ll be posting blogs about our trip to Athens, Greece and a guide on how to get a Schengen Visa for Filipinos when we get back from our Euro Trip.

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