1. Caluya Islands

2. Mararison Island (Malalison Island)

3. Seco Island

4. Tibiao Kawa Hot Bath & Tibiao River

5. Tibiao Coast

6. Malumpati Cold Spring & Bugang River

7. Pandan Beaches

8. Nogas Island & Anini-y

9. Alpas Restaurant (Alpas Resort) & Tobias Fornier coast

10. Aningalan

11. Igpasungaw Falls

12. Antique Rice Terraces

13. Mt. Madiaas

14. Mt. Baloy (Mt. Baloi)

15. Mt. Nangtud

16. Patnongon Ruins

17. Maanghit Cave, Libertad

18. Banig Weaving, Libertad

19. Bagtason Loom Weavers, Bugasong

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Maniguin Island

Batbatan Island

Mount Igcuron

Sebaste Church & the Miraculous Image of Saint Blaise

Culasi Seawall (Boardwalk)

Places to visit in Antique

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