1. Banaue Rice Terraces

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2. Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort

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3. Banaue Hotel

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4. Batad Rice Terraces

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5. Tappiya Falls

Location: Batad. Save on Google Maps.

6. Bangaan Rice Terraces

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7. Nagacadan Rice Terraces, Kiangan

Location: Kiangan. Save on Google Maps.

8. Kiangan Shrine

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9. Visit the Museums

Museums in Banaue and Ifugao Province

Ifugao MuseumLocation: Kiangan. Save on Google Maps.

Museum of Cordilleran SculptureLocation: Banaue. Save on Google Maps.

Banaue MuseumLocation: Banaue. Save on Google Maps.

10. Try the local food

11. Spend the night at a homestay or B&B

Accommodations in Banaue

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Other Interesting Villages & Rice Terraces

Other villages, rice terraces, places to visit in Ifugao

Tam-an VillageLocation: Save on Google Maps.

Hungduan Rice TerracesLocation: Save on Google Maps.

Mayoyao Rice TerracesLocation: Save on Google Maps.

Bocos Village

Poitan Village

Hapao Rice TerracesLocation: Save on Google Maps.

Cambulo Village

Guihob Natural Pool

Places to visit near Banaue & Ifugao


Location: Mountain Province. Save on Google Maps.

Where to stay


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Where to stay


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Kalinga is a landlocked province in the Philippines situated within the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon. Its capital is Tabuk and borders Mountain Province to the south, Abra to the west, Isabela to the east, Cagayan to the northeast, and Apayao to the north


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Where to stay

Places to visit in Banaue

Banaue tourist spots, things to do in Banaue, where to go in Banaue & more.

Note: Destinations featured above are not listed by rank.

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Where to Stay in Banaue

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