What are the top travel booking apps & sites you should know about?

As an avid traveler, I use these platforms a lot to help me plan my trips easier, save money/time, and enhance my travel experiences in numerous ways.

In today’s digital age, booking your trips, comparing prices in real-time, and reading helpful reviews from fellow travelers has never been easier.

Before going on your next trip, be sure to explore this list of top booking apps that you should know about for a convenient and hassle-free travel experience.

Top Booking Apps

Tours & Activities (click below)

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Tours & Activities


Klook is one of the best booking platforms for tours, activities and travel discounts. I use the app frequently when I’m traveling around Asia (including The Philippines). I often book theme park or attraction tickets on Klook because it’s cheaper than the walk-in rates. I also always get a data SIM Card or WIFI Hotspot when I’m traveling abroad, so pre-booking on Klook saves from hassles when arriving at the airport. Booking tours on Klook makes traveling easier. You know what to expect since you can see all inclusions, reviews, itinerary, rates & important details. PLUS, you get rewarded with Klook credits every time you book & leave a review. You can use the credits to get money off your next booking!

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Agoda is the first app I check when booking rooms. With the widest range of accommodations, user reviews & competitive prices, Agoda provides the convenience of browsing and making reservations at any time, with the flexibility to modify or cancel reservations. I often pre-pay online via Agoda in my local currency because it saves me from the uncertainty of bringing cash and worrying about exchange rates.

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Booking.com is another popular hotel booking site. In some areas, like Europe, Booking.com has more options than Agoda. So, it’s always important to check many booking platforms to compare hotels, rooms & rates available.

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Flight Comparison

In addition to booking promo fares (seat sales), the best way to score the cheapest flights is to use flight search engines A.K.A flight comparison apps/websites. These platforms compare prices from multiple airlines in one search, so you can see all available airline/flight options for a given route. No single search engine provides the best results 100% of the time. So, check multiple sites to make sure you’re not missing out. Start with my favorites, Skyscanner, Momondo, Google Flights and the like. Then check other search engines before confirming prices with the airline directly.

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