Want to save money on your next flight to/from or in the Philippines.

This guide is going to show you know how to find cheap flights & promos on Cebu Pacific.

Including essential things to know, step-by-step guides on how to book, and helpful tips about flying with the airline.

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Cebu Pacific, the Philippines’ largest budget airline, offers affordable year-round airfares on flights in the Philippines. It is quite popular especially among budget travelers for selling cheap promo fares.

Book the cheapest flights during piso fare promos

The cheapest flights that you can book with the airline are piso fares (P1 or one peso fare), 50% off sale, and P500 all-in promos.

These ultra-cheap flight sales only happen a few times a year, however.

During a piso fare promo, domestic roundtrip tickets can be bought for as low as P300 all-in! Consider yourself very lucky if you encounter one. & book fast because seats get sold out quickly.

Book fast because seats get sold out quickly.

Promo fares are offered very frequently

Don’t worry, you can still find affordable Cebu Pacific flights on its more frequent promotions that are scheduled regularly, multiple times a week.

You can easily book one-way domestic tickets in the Philippines for less than PHP1,000. This is a huge money saver considering these flights typically get sold from PHP1,000 to PHP2,500 and upwards, depending on booking & flight dates.

Where to find Cebu Pacific promo fares?

Seat sales and discount fares are easy to find if you know where to look.

Cebu Pacific Website — Most Cebu Pacific seat sales are posted on cebupacificair.com. This is where you should start your search.

Pro tip — Make sure to review the country & language settings when you visit the website. Different promos are displayed depending on the country-specific version of the site. On desktops, you can change the ‘country & language settings’ by clicking on the dropdown menu found on the top left corner of the page.

For example, view the Philippines (English) version of the site first. Then, change to your destination or origin country like Hong Kong (English) or Australia (English).

Cebu Pacific Newsletter — Sign-up to the airline newsletter if you want to get updated with the latest announcements by email. You can do this by joining the GetGo rewards program.

Cebu Pacific Social Media Accounts — Promo updates are also posted frequently on the airlines’ official social media accounts. Make sure to check and follow Cebu Pacific on Facebook & Twitter.

GetGo Rewards Program — Cebu Pacific offers exclusive seat sales to GetGo members. This is a big perk of signing-up in addition to being able to redeem free flights.

Travel Expo & Conventions — If you are based in Manila, make sure to watchout for big travel expo & conventions happening in the metro. Cebu Pacific along with other major airlines might have discount tickets exclusive to those attenting.

How to view the latest promos on Cebu Pacific website

Step 1 — Go to cebupacificair.com. Almost all sale alerts & announcements are posted on Cebu Pacific’s official website and social media accounts.

Step 2 — Visit the promo page by clicking on any of the promo announcements displayed on the homepage or the “Promos” link. Here, you can find a list of flights, discount fares available today.

Pro tip — Change the country/language settings to see announcements on country-specific versions of the site.

That’s it! You may use the flight search box and enter your travel details if you find a low fare that you want to book.

There is no promo available today, what to do next?

While waiting for the next seat sale, here are tips you can follow right now.

Subscribe to promo alerts

Sign-up to Cebu Pacific’s newsletter & follow the airlines’ social media accounts to make sure you don’t miss the next promo update.

Save time by checking promo alerts on Detourista. Simply pick a place and view the latest alerts from multiple airlines. Make sure to subscribe to the email alerts to make it even easier to get updates.

Search airfare comparison sites

These sites let you check & compare fares from multiple airlines in one search.

Start your search on Momondo, Dohop, Wego or see all airfare comparison sites.

Check cheap flights on similar airlines

Don’t forget to check cheap flights & seat sales offered by other airlines that fly similar routes.

Cebu Pacific’s competitor airlines include Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, TigerAirSingapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, & Jetstar.

Before you book

Read promo details & conditions carefully

Be mindful of important details posted on the announcement, especially the sale period and travel period. You should book your flights before the end of the selling period.

In addition, promo fares are only available for dates on or within the travel period. If your travel plans do not match the travel period posted or if the promo had already expired, make sure to watch out for the next promo announcement.

Check fares and book online

When you’ve found a promo fare that you would like to book, the best way to check if they are available is to do a flight search online, directly on Cebu Pacific’s website. The process of booking promo flights should be the same as booking regular flights. Make sure to read conditions posted on the announcement to confirm this.

Book directly with Cebu Pacific

The biggest reason to book and check fares online is that most promo fares by Cebu Pacific are only available on their official website, mobile app, booking offices or call centers.

Third-party travel agencies, even if they are affiliated with Cebu Pacific, might not have access to promo fares. These agencies will likely tell you that they cannot find the discounted fares in their system, and offer regular fares instead.

Book as soon as possible

Before calling them FAKE, you should know that limited promo seats are available for any given flight route. If all promo seats are sold out on your chosen flight, you will only be able to view and book the next lowest regular fare.

Cebu Pacific promo fares are quite popular and may get sold out very quickly. It’s important to book them as soon as possible to get ahead of other people who are also on the hunt for cheap airfares.

The airline also limits promo seats on certain dates and rarely offer them on “black-out dates,” which may include peak periods such as holidays, festival dates, and other busy dates for air travelers.

In case you cannot find the promo prices advertised on the announcement, you may follow these tips to confirm whether a promo is fake or not:

Make sure the promo has not yet expired.

Confirm that your chosen travel dates match the travel period posted on the announcement.

Check prices on other dates, perhaps days to months before or after your intended travel.

Check prices on other flight routes and destinations mentioned on the promo announcement.

What are all-in fares & base fares?

Cebu Pacific usually advertises “all-in” fares on their sale announcement. This is the lowest fare that may be booked and already includes the base fare, airport fees, and government taxes.

It does not include optional add-ons like check-in baggage, meals, travel insurance, seat selection and may not include fees and taxes charged on departure from certain airports. The airline removed the fuel surcharge from airfares in March 2015.

Also, prices listed are usually for one-way flights and may be available as “vice-versa,” sold at the same base fare. The all-in fare on the return flight may be different, depending on taxes and fees charged at the departure airport.

Where to find promo codes & coupons?

Promo or coupon codes are not needed for most seat sales by Cebu Pacific. In case they are, these codes are posted along with the announcement details.

How to Book Cebu Pacific Flights & Promo

Cebu Pacific has various booking channels. The most convenient way is to book online through on their website or mobile app. You can also buy flights by calling their booking hotline or by visiting their official ticketing offices and accredited travel agencies.

How to book flights on Cebu Pacific website

Step 1 — Go to cebupacificair.com. Book your flights directly on Cebu Pacific’ official website to view real-time airfares and get instant confirmation.

Step 2 — Enter your travel details on the flight search box, which can be found under the “Flight” tab on the homepage and on the flight search page (link). Here are details that you should provide:

Flight type — Select whether you want to book a round-trip, one-way, or multi-city flight.

Departure (“from”) and arrival (“to”) destination. Select your destinations by clicking on the name of the place you want to fly from & to. You may type the destination name or airport code to make things easier.

Departure and return date. Click the next/previous arrows beside the month and year for a faster search.

Number of guests traveling. Select the number of adults and children that will join the flight.

Promotion code (optional). Cebu Pacific does not usually require a code to book their promo fares, but in case they do, this is where you should enter it. Promo codes may be announced during seat sales, promotions, or special deals.

Step 3 — Click the “FIND IT” button to proceed to the flight results page.

Step 4 — Select your flights by clicking on the airfare/price that you want to book. These airfares are displayed according to the flight departure/arrival times (rows) and fare class (columns). If you want to book a two-way flight, you should first select your outgoing flight, then, scroll down and select your return flight.

Pro tip: If you are flexible with your travel schedule, choose the cheapest flights displayed on your chosen dates. You may also click the dates displayed above the flight results to view airfares on previous or later dates. Prices shown under each date are the lowest fare that you can book on that day.

On promo fares: In case you have found promo fares announced by Cebu Pacific and they are not listed on this page, seats allocated for the promo might already be sold out. They are quite limited per flight, especially on peak travel dates and popular promos. You may check other dates for availability. Also, make sure that the selling period has not yet expired and that your flight dates match the travel period mentioned in the announcement.

Step 5 — Click the “Continue” button to proceed to the next page. Make sure to read the fare conditions carefully before you do.

Step 6 — Enter your contact details. Log-in using your GetGo account to save time filling up the forms. If you do not have an account, you may have to type in the following information:

Title, Given Name & Family Name/Surname

Mobile numbers & email address. Make sure that these are active and accurate because this is how Cebu Pacific will be able to reach you to confirm your flight and notify you about any changes such as flight cancelations or departure/arrival changes. You will receive your electronic ticket on the email address that you provide.

Step 7 — Enter guest details. Provide details of all persons that will be going on the flight. If you are one of the guests flying, you may check the “I’m traveling” box to automatically pre-fill your details. In any case, you should provide these details about each person on the traveling party:

Title, Given Name/First Name, Family Name/Surname



Getgo Membership Number (optional). Leave blank if none.

Passport Number, Country Issued & Expiration Date (for international flights only)

Step 8 — Select baggage allowance. You should purchase this now or before your flight, if needed, to avoid more expensive overweight baggage fees at the airport.

Step 9 — Select pre-ordered meals. When booking international flights, meals may be automatically added to the fare. If you do not want to purchase this now, make sure to remove it.

Step 10 — Select check-in sports equipment. Skip if none.

Step 11 — Book hotel. Skip this step if you do not want to book your hotel room now.

Step 12 — Click the “Continue” button to proceed to the next page. If you want to purchase the cheapest ticket, make sure that the “fees added on this page” amounts to zero (P0) or is blank. Optional add-ons like baggage allowance and pre-ordered meals may be added to your fare if you do not manually remove them.

Step 13 — Choose your seats on the flight for each member of the traveling party. A fee is charged for every reserved seat and it may be added automatically to the total fare. If you want to remove this option and buy a cheaper flight, you can do so by clicking on the seat number display next to the guest names and the clicking the “REMOVE SEAT” text. You can also do this by clicking on the blue-colored Cebu Pacific logo displayed over the assigned seat on the plane photo.

Step 14 — Click the “Continue” button to proceed to the next page.

Step 15 — Select travel insurance and optional donation to WWF. These added fees to your total fare may be automatically added. If you do not want to pay for it now, you need to manually remove them. To remove the Travelsure Insurance, click on the “No thanks” text next to the “We have preselected Travelsure for all guests on this booking.” text. You may also remove it by clicking on the “Manage PER Guest” text and unchecking the “Yes, I will travel safe with Travelsure” option.

Step 16 — Carefully read the flight details and fare conditions. Here are some important conditions and policies that you may want to review and double-check:

Flight destinations, routes, and seat class.

Flight dates, departure, and arrival times.

Airport terminals on departure, arrival, and connecting flights.

Fare breakdown.

Cancelation / rerouting, Rebooking, no how, name change. Is the ticket refundable, re-bookable, or transferrable? If yes, how much would it cost?

Baggage allowance, meals, and other add-ons.

Check in guidelines.

Check-in and hand carry baggage allowance.

Step 17 — Agree to terms & conditions by clicking the box found near the bottom of the page.

Step 18 — Click the “Continue” button to proceed to the next page.

Step 19 — Select payment method by clicking one of the payment options provided. You can either pay online to enjoy instant confirmation on your flights or send your payment offline through Cebu Pacific’s payment centers (if you prefer to pay in cash, for example).

Step 20 — Send your payment by following the instructions provided.

Step 21 — Wait for the confirmation message, which will be sent to your email address.

Step 22 — Print your electronic ticket, which will be sent to your email address upon confirmation of your payment. Depending on the airport policy, you may instead show a copy of the electronic ticket that you saved on your mobile phone.

Step 23 — Present your electronic ticket at the airport upon flight check-in. All guests must present a valid photo ID upon check-in.

If you paid for the ticket using a credit card and the credit card holder is not present during check-in (if you used a credit card not under your name, for example), you may be required to present a photocopy of the (1) credit card used in the transaction and (2) valid photo ID of the card holder. You may not be allowed to check-in and board your flight in case you fail to present these documents.

How to book without a credit card?

Simply reserve your ticket online and when you reach the payment page, click on the Payment Centers tab, and choose any of the payment centers.

In addition to credit cards, Cebu Pacific also accepts payments through ATM cards, Paypal, and offline through over-the-counter payment centers at affiliated banks, LBC outlets, Robinsons malls, and SM malls.

The airlines’ over-the-counter payment center partners include SM Business Services Center, Robinsons Department Store, Cebuana Lhuillier, 7-Eleven, LBC among others. You can also opt to pay using Paypal or selected ATM cards (BDO, Metrobank, Robinsons Bank, Bancnet and Megalink Member Banks). Make sure to confirm your payment before the deadline posted.

Cebu Pacific online payment methods:

Credit card with the Mastercard or Visa logo is accepted


Bancnet ATM card/ account



Cebu Pacific payment centers (pay before 11:59 PM on the same day of booking):

Bancnet (www.bancnetonline.com; ATMs; I-Can Mobile)

Bayad Center

Banco de Oro (BDO; over-the-counter)

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI; over-the-counter)

LBC (selected stores only)

Megalink ATMs

Metrobank (over-the-counter, ATM, or metrobankdirect.com)

Robinsons Savings Bank (over-the-counter, ATM, or bancnetonline.com)

Cebu Pacific payment centers (pay within 24 hours from time of booking):


Cebuana Lhuillier

EC Pay

Robinsons Department Store

SM Business Services Center

Cebu Pacific mobile app

You may book your flights using your mobile phone using the “Cebu Pacific” mobile app. This option is available on Android phones and devices (download on Google Play), and iOS/Apple phones and devices (download on Apple Store).

Flying with Cebu Pacific

Destinations & Routes

Cebu Pacific operates the PH’s widest flight network

Cebu Pacific flies to more than 30 domestic destinations and 20 international destinations, in at least 14 countries. The airline mainly flies to/from these airports — Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Kalibo, Clark, and Zamboanga.

Traveling in the Philippines? Cebu Pacific should be on your list of airlines to search for flights because it operates the country’s widest domestic flight network.

In addition, airline’s international flight network includes major cities in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Middle East, Australia, and Guam

Since Cebu Pacific operates many direct routes not flown by other airlines, it could be your only choice if you want to fly to/from less popular destinations or between many airports without transiting through Manila.

Philippine domestic destinations

Island GroupDestinations
Luzon (Northern Philippines)Cauayan, Clark, Coron-Busuanga, Laoag, Legazpi, Manila, Naga, Puerto Princesa, San Jose (Mindoro), Tuguegarao, Virac
Visayas (Central Islands) Bacolod, Boracay-Caticlan, Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Kalibo, Roxas, Tacloban, Tagbilaran
Mindanao (Southern Islands) Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin, Cotabato, Davao, Dipolog, General Santos, Ozamiz, Pagadian, Siargao, Surigao, Tandag, Tawi-tawi, Zamboanga

Cebu Pacific is also popular for cheap international flights to/from the Philippines. Its flight network includes over 20 major airports in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East including popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and East Asia, and cities with a high population of Filipino Overseas Workers (OFWs).

It operates direct international flights to/from secondary international airports like Cebu, Iloilo, Kalibo, Clark, and Davao, which makes it an excellent airline to fly with if you do not want to transit through crowded Manila Airport.

International destinations

Southeast AsiaDestinations
BruneiBandar Seri Begawan
CambodiaSiem Reap
IndonesiaBali, Jakarta
MalaysiaKota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur
ThailandBangkok, Phuket
VietnamHanoi, Ho Chi Minh-Saigon
East AsiaDestinations
Hong Kong
Mainland ChinaBeijing, Guangzhou-Canton, Shanghai, Xiamen
JapanFukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka-Kansai, Tokyo-Narita
South KoreaBusan-Pusan, Seoul-Incheon
Middle EastDestinations
Saudi ArabiaDammam, Riyadh
United Arab EmiratesDubai, Sharjah
United StatesGuam

Before you fly

A fairly safe airline, but be warned of horror stories

Cebu Pacific is a fairly safe airline with no major accidents in recent years.

It receives a lot of negative passenger reviews because of frequent delays, overbooking and cancelation of flights, and poor customer service. A google search of “Cebu Pacific horror story” brings up a rich result of personal experiences. If you’re flying with the airline, be flexible with your itinerary/schedule to offset any delayed flights.

See airline and passenger reviews on these sites:

Check-in your flight online

Before going on your flight, check-in online using Cebu Pacific’s web check-in service. This may save you time from queuing at the airport check-in counters, especially if you’re only bringing carry-on luggage. It may also buy you a bit of time if you arrive at the airport late and the check-in counters for your flights are already closed.

You can use the web check-in services from 2 hours before your domestic flight departure (4 hours for international) to as early as 72 hours (3 days) prior departure.

Earn free flights with GetGo Rewards Program

GetGo is Cebu Pacific’s frequent flyer loyalty/rewards program. Any transaction with Cebu Pacific lets members earn points on GetGo, which can be redeemed for free flights and add-ons like baggage allowance or meals.

Cebu Pacific owns CebGo Airlines

CebGo formerly operated as SEAir, South East Asian Airlines, and Tigerair Philippines before it was acquired as a subsidiary airline of Cebu Pacific.

This does not affect the regular flyer since all CebGo flights are sold and operated seamlessly by Cebu Pacific. CebGo flight codes are prefixed with the letters “DG.”

Cebu Pacific is Tigerair’s PH partner airline

Singapore-based Tiger Air and Cebu Pacific has entered partnerships with the marketing and selling of flights.

As such, Tiger Air flights may be available for purchase through Cebu Pacific (on their website, for example) and vice-versa.

Get in Touch

Need help with your booking? You can contact Cebu Pacific through the following channels:

On Social Media

Send Cebu Pacific a message on these social profiles.

Call center & hotlines

You may book your flights by calling Cebu Pacific’s booking hotlines that are available in these locations.

Manila — (+63)(2) 7020-888

Cebu — (+63)(32) 230-8888

Hong Kong — (+85)(2) 397-33800

Singapore — (+65) 31580808

Australia — (+61)(2) 9119-2956

Booking offices

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