1. Check Promo Fares Regularly

It’s no secret that booking promo airfares is the best way to score cheap flights. The first thing you need to do is to know all airlines that fly to your destination. Then, visit their official website to check for seat sales and special offers, which are usually are posted on the homepage or a dedicated page on their website. Some seat sales are offered exclusively on the airlines’ email newsletters or membership programs, so sign-up to receive updates, direct on your inbox. This is a must-do if you are traveling well in advance. Read more about booking promo fares and cheap flights, in general, on these popular airlines:

To make it easy for you to check updates, you may visit our promo section to view promo alerts from different airlines in one site. Currently, we regularly monitor major airlines for promo fares on Philippine flights. Get updates, directly via email or on your Facebook account by subscribing to our promo alerts.

2. Search on flight comparison sites

You can easily view the best airfare prices and compare different airlines by searching on flight comparison sites. These sites collect flight prices and data from hundreds of airlines, making it easy to narrow down your pick on the best airlines, flight routes, and travel dates for any destination around the globe.

Recommended flight comparison sites
Google Flights

Enter your travel details to search cheap flights on Wego:

3. Book only what you need

Before purchasing your flight ticket, make sure to know what services and extras are included in the price tag. These services may include checked and cabin baggage allowance, in-flight food and drink, priority check-in, advanced seat selection, travel insurance, frequent flyer ‘miles’ accrual and so forth.

Many airlines offer these as “extra” services. In cases that you would like to enjoy these perks, always book them in advance because airlines charge a premium if buy them at the airport or when you’re already on the flight. Also, make sure that you have ticked off the services that you don’t need during the booking process because they are often auto-ticked on booking sites by some low-cost carriers.

4. Check Early and Monitor Often

Check fares immediately as soon as you know you’ll be flying and then track the prices continuously to get a sense of what’s a good deal. It seems obvious but planning ahead is the best tip anyone could give you on how to score cheap flights, with or without a promo. The earlier you decide on your destination and travel dates, the better you will be at knowing the right time to book your flights.

6. Be Flexible

It pays off to be flexible on your travel plans. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to save money on your next trip:

  • Compare prices on multiple airlines.
  • Compare prices on various dates near your planned departure date.
  • Consider flying on non-peak seasons.
  • Consider flying to alternative airports.
  • Be mindful of the day of the week and time of the day of your flight.
  • Be mindful of time and day when purchasing your flight ticket.

6. Get Free Flights on Rewards Programs

Why pay for your flight when you can get them for free? Join frequent flyer program offered by your favorite airlines and sign-up for credit cards that rewards miles for every purchase you make. Learn more about how to get free flights by searching for guides on “travel hacking.”