1. Mount Mayon

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Legazpi & Daraga

2. Daraga Church

Location: Sta. Maria Street, Daraga, Albay. Save on Google Maps.

3. Cagsawa Ruins

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4. Ligñon Hill

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5. Legazpi Boulevard

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6. Embarcadero de Legaspi

Location: Legazpi Blvd, Legazpi Port District. Save on Google Maps.

7. Legazpi Cathedral & Peñaranda Park

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8. Try Bicolano food


9. Albay Churches

Located along the Legazpi-Naga Highway

Camalig Church (St. John The Baptist Church)Location: Save on Google Maps.

Ligao Church (St. Stephen The Protomartyr Parish)Location: Save on Google Maps.

Oas Church (St. Michael Archangel Parish Church)Location: Save on Google Maps.

Polangui Church (Saints Peter and Paul Parish)Location: Save on Google Maps.

Located along Albay east coast

Tiwi Church (St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish)Location: Save on Google Maps.

Tobaco Church (St. John the Baptist Church)Location: Save on Google Maps.

Santo Domingo ChurchLocation: Save on Google Maps.

10. Misibis Bay

Location: Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay. Save on Google Maps.

Misibis Bay Resort

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11. Quitinday Green Hills

Location: Baligang – Caguiba Rd, Camalig, Albay. Save on Google Maps.


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Lake Bulusan

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Sorsogon City

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Camarines Sur


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Naga City

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Where to stay

Camarines Norte


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Places to visit in Legazpi

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