Welcome to Port Barton, a serene paradise nestled within San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines. Known for its unspoiled beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and lush landscapes, this laid-back destination is a haven for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful escape.

To ensure a memorable stay in Port Barton, there are several DOT-accredited accommodations to choose from. Whether you’re looking for beachfront hotels with stunning sunset views or cozy hostels that encourage social interactions, you’ll find options that cater to various preferences and budgets. For a more immersive experience, mabuhay accommodations and guesthouses offer a chance to experience the local way of life and forge connections with the community.

Here’s a list of DOT-accredited accommodations in Port Barton, providing you with the best choices for an unforgettable and rejuvenating vacation.

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San Vicente Hotels & Accommodations

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Palawan Hotels & Accommodations

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San Vicente Hotels & Accommodations

Name How To Book
Ausan Beach Front Cottages And Restaurant Purok Pag-Asa, Ballesteros St., Brgy. Port Barton | 927 895 1723 / 929 444 0582 /945 438 8384 | [email protected] |
Castaway Native Huts Purok Pag-Kakaisa, Rizal St., Brgy. Port Barton | 9159778893 | [email protected] |
Coconut Garden Island Resort Cacnipa Island, Brgy. Port Barton | 9183702395 09772166269 | [email protected] |
Ferellee Beach Front Inn Rizal St., Brgy. Port Barton | 9060067136 | [email protected] |
Hashtag Tourist Inn Bonifacio St., Brgy. Port Barton | 9260865417 | [email protected] |
Name How To Book
Hotel Oasis Port Barton Inc. Purok Masigla Roxas St., Brgy. Port Barton | 9952098127 | [email protected] |
Le Cou De Tou Village Resort Lapu-Lapu St., Brgy. Port Barton | 9276155739 | [email protected] |
Morning Star Hotel Rizal St., Brgy. Port Barton | 9661402691 | [email protected] |
Parrots Resorts Bonifacio St., Brgy. Port Barton | 9064474690 | [email protected] |
Pisces Tourist Inn Mabini St. Purok Masigla, Brgy. Port Barton | 917 178 1555/ 917 729 0712 | [email protected] |
Princesa Four A Realty Corporation (Holiday Suites) Rizal St., Purok Pagkakaisa, Brgy. Port Barton | 9175702292 | [email protected] |
Rubin Resort Mabini Cor. Rizal Sts., Purok Pag-Asa, Brgy. Port Barton | 9056422860 | [email protected] |
Secret Paradise Resort & Turtle Sanctuary Turtle Bay, Sitio Barongbong, Brgy. Port Barton | 9998802480 | [email protected] |
Summer Homes Beach Resort And Cottages Brgy. Port Barton | 9298878824 | [email protected] |