People would pass by Yangon and overlook its significance for the longest time. But it turned out to be Myanmar’s most vibrant city, as people are starting to appreciate its cultural and historical importance, paired with some brilliant social and natural scenes.

Yangon is such a stunning sight, to say the least. Traces of its British-colonial influences are scattered all over the city. Plus, it is a melting pot of different cultures, which sparkles even more when put against its charming traditions. You should visit Yangon for its beautiful pagodas—Sule Pagoda, Shwedagon Pagoda, Botataung Pagoda, Kaba Aye Pagoda, and Maha Wizaya Pagoda, first and foremost. Food enthusiasts will also have a grand time sampling delicious local recipes, including shan noodles, tea leaf salad, and steamed bao buns. There are also natural attractions worth traveling to, like Yangon Lake and Kandawgyi Lake.

To help with your trip planning, I’ve added links to the locations on Google Maps. Feel free to click/tap on the links posted below. Then, use the “save” feature on the Google Maps app for easy reference. But before you start ticking goals off your bucketlist, here are travel essentials & discounts you’ll need to check. Pre-book online for a hassle-free trip!

Yangon travel essentials

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1. Kandawgyi Lake & Karaweik Royal Palace

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2. Sule Pagoda

Location: Junction of Sule Pagoda Road. Save on Google Maps.

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3. Central Yangon heritage buildings

Location: Central Yangon, Myanmar

4. Shwedagon Pagoda

Location: Shwedagon east gate Yangon, 11201, Myanmar (Burma). Save on Google Maps.

5. Maha Wizaya Pagoda

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6. Bogyoke Aung San Market

Location: Bo Gyoke Rd, Central Yangon, Myanmar. Save on Google Maps.

7. Maha Bandula Park

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8. Yangon Circular Train

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Where to go near Yangon & beyond


Location: Northern Myanmar. Save on Google Maps.

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Location: Northern Myanmar. Save on Google Maps.

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Location: Northern Myanmar. Save on Google Maps.

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