1. Pink Sand Beach & Great Santa Cruz Island

2. Fort Pilar Shrine

3. Fort Pilar Museum

4. Zamboanga City Hall

5. Paseo del Mar

6. Cawa-Cawa Boulevard (R.T. Lim Boulevard)

7. Zamboanga Golf Course Beach Park

8. Yakan Weaving Center

9. Jardin Maria Clara

10. Freedom Park

11. Abong-Abong Stations of the Cross

12. Taluksangay Mosque

13. Zamboanga Cathedral

14. Tetuan Church

15. Rio Hondo Village

16. Merloquet Falls

Places to visit in Zamboanga

Zamboanga tourist spots, things to do in Zamboanga, where to go in Zamboanga & more.

Note: Destinations featured above are not listed by rank.

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