Abra in Northern Luzon, Philippines, stood witness to historical struggles against oppression. But today, it shows clear evidence of rising above the challenges, emerging strong as a historical, cultural, and ecotourism destination.

Abra features a vast landscape of natural wonders, which remained unexploited to this day. If you want an experience of unspoiled beauty, check out the natural attractions in the province like Sapilang Falls in Bangued, Kaparkhan Falls and Apao Rolling Hills in Tineg, Mount Poswey in Boliney, Panaclisan River in Licuan-Baay, and Abualan Cave in San Juan. To fill your thirst for cultural treasures, visit Tayum Church and Heritage Houses. They will give you a glimpse of Abra’s Spanish-colonial heritage.

Abra’s location between the Ilocos and Cordillera regions works both ways for the province—as a weakness and a strength. It’s one of the reasons Abra is overlooked. But its proximity to two of the country’s prized destinations can also give tourists a chance to boost their experience and make the most of the trip.

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