Kalibo is the capital town of Aklan Province that occupies the northwest corner of heart-shaped Panay Island. It is home to the Kalibo International Airport, the main international airport that serves the resort island of Boracay.

Kalibo is famous for the annual Ati-Atihan Festival, which is celebrated every 3rd sunday of January. Held in honor of Santo Niño (the Child Jesus), this 800-year old festival is known as the "Mother of all Philippine festivals". In the Kalibo town center, you'll find the Museo it Akean (Aklan Museum) and the Kalibo Cathedral. Kalibo Mangrove (Bakhawan) Ecotourism Park in the town's outskirts, is praised as one of the most successful mangrove reforestation projects in the country.

Kalibo is a good base to explore the beautiful natural spots and historic sites in various towns of Aklan Province. Explore the refreshing Jawili Falls & Jawili Beach in Tanglan. Madalag and Libacao are blessed with majestic waterfalls and mountain views.

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