Tawi Tawi is an island province in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. It’s the earliest home of Islam not just in Mindanao but in the entire Philippines. It is where Sheik Karim ul-Makhdum established the first mosque, around 1380.

Tawi Tawi is an off-the-beaten-path destination due to its remoteness. But with such a colorful and diverse culture, visiting this beautiful province is worthwhile, if you have the chance. One of the top sites to be on your list is the capital town of Bongao, with its vibrant scenes matched with scenic surroundings. Go downtown, and explore the Badjao Village, Baloboc Rock Shelter, and Old Chinese Pier. Or trek Bud Bongao and discover this sacred mountain overlooking the sea and the entire town. You may also ride a boat and go island hopping to enjoy Simunul Island, Panampangan Island, and Sangay Siapo Island.

Tawi Tawi may not be a popular tourist destination but it is a worthy treat for the curious traveler. It is also a great starting point to experience Turtle Islands and Sulu.

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