Scoot your way to Singapore and around Asia, Australia & Europe with the airline’s latest GTG promo. International flights from the Philippines to Singapore are selling for as low as P1,999 ALL-IN. Connecting flights via Singapore are also on sale. Travel period includes the months of July, August, September, and October.

Booking dates

Up to July 17, 2019 or until seats are sold out.

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Travel dates

Travel by 26 Oct 2019.

To be able to book the discount fares, your flight departure should be on or between these dates.

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How to book

Purchase your plane tickets on official Scoot booking channels.Click the ‘Go to deal’ link below to book online. Scroll down to see the promo details including the list of flights.

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PH to Singapore

Booking dates: Up to July 17, 2019 or until seats are sold out.
Travel dates: July 17 to October 26 2019.

Fares posted below are ONE-WAY ALL-IN FARES unless stated otherwise.

Lowest Fares Destinations
PHP 1,999 Clark to Singapore
PHP 2,299 Manila to Singapore
PHP 2,199 Cebu to Singapore [attr class=’small’

Via Singapore

Lowest Fares Destinations
PHP 2,999 Clark to Bangkok (Don Mueang)
PHP 2,999 Clark to Bangkok – all airports
PHP 6,199 Clark to Chiang Mai
PHP 2,799 Clark to Hat Yai
PHP 2,899 Clark to Krabi
Lowest Fares Destinations
PHP 2,899 Clark to Phuket
PHP 10,599 Clark to Athens
PHP 10,399 Clark to Berlin
PHP 5,699 Clark to Perth
PHP 6,199 Clark to Gold Coast
PHP 7,299 Clark to Sydney
PHP 6,899 Clark to Melbourne
PHP 5,199 Clark to Chennai
PHP 5,499 Clark to Amritsar
PHP 5,699 Clark to Hyderabad
PHP 5,799 Clark to Tiruchirappalli (Trichy)
PHP 6,099 Clark to Trivandrum
PHP 3,199 Clark to Jakarta
PHP 3,099 Clark to Pekanbaru
PHP 4,399 Clark to Denpasar (Bali)
PHP 3,399 Clark to Surabaya
PHP 4,199 Clark to Hanoi
PHP 2,899 Clark to Kuching
PHP 3,099 Clark to Kuantan
PHP 2,699 Clark to Kuala Lumpur
PHP 2,999 Clark to Langkawi
PHP 3,399 Clark to Ipoh
PHP 2,699 Clark to Penang
PHP 3,199 Clark to Kota Bharu
PHP 5,799 Clark to Malé
PHP 4,899 Clark to Luang Prabang
PHP 4,099 Clark to Vientiane
PHP 2,299 Manila to Singapore
PHP 3,799 Manila to Bangkok (Don Mueang)
PHP 3,799 Manila to Bangkok – all airports
PHP 5,099 Manila to Chiang Mai
PHP 3,499 Manila to Hat Yai
PHP 3,699 Manila to Krabi
PHP 3,499 Manila to Phuket
PHP 10,799 Manila to Athens
PHP 10,599 Manila to Berlin
PHP 6,399 Manila to Perth
PHP 6,899 Manila to Gold Coast
PHP 7,899 Manila to Sydney
PHP 7,599 Manila to Melbourne
PHP 5,999 Manila to Chennai
PHP 6,099 Manila to Amritsar
PHP 6,199 Manila to Hyderabad
PHP 6,199 Manila to Tiruchirappalli (Trichy)
PHP 6,599 Manila to Trivandrum
PHP 3,999 Manila to Jakarta
PHP 3,799 Manila to Pekanbaru
PHP 4,999 Manila to Denpasar (Bali)
PHP 4,199 Manila to Surabaya
PHP 4,999 Manila to Hanoi
PHP 3,699 Manila to Kuching
PHP 3,799 Manila to Kuantan
PHP 3,499 Manila to Kuala Lumpur
PHP 3,799 Manila to Langkawi
PHP 3,799 Manila to Ipoh
PHP 3,499 Manila to Penang
PHP 3,599 Manila to Kota Bharu
PHP 6,399 Manila to Malé
PHP 5,699 Manila to Luang Prabang
PHP 4,899 Manila to Vientiane
Lowest Fares Destinations
PHP 2,199 Cebu to Singapore
PHP 3,799 Cebu to Bangkok (Don Mueang)
PHP 3,799 Cebu to Bangkok – all airports
PHP 5,999 Cebu to Chiang Mai
PHP 3,599 Cebu to Hat Yai
PHP 3,599 Cebu to Krabi
PHP 3,599 Cebu to Phuket
PHP 10,999 Cebu to Athens
PHP 10,799 Cebu to Berlin
PHP 5,899 Cebu to Perth
PHP 6,599 Cebu to Gold Coast
PHP 7,299 Cebu to Sydney
PHP 6,899 Cebu to Melbourne
PHP 5,899 Cebu to Chennai
PHP 5,899 Cebu to Amritsar
PHP 5,899 Cebu to Hyderabad
PHP 5,899 Cebu to Tiruchirappalli (Trichy)
PHP 5,999 Cebu to Trivandrum
PHP 3,699 Cebu to Jakarta
PHP 3,499 Cebu to Pekanbaru
PHP 4,799 Cebu to Denpasar (Bali)
PHP 3,999 Cebu to Surabaya
PHP 4,499 Cebu to Hanoi
PHP 3,299 Cebu to Kuching
PHP 3,299 Cebu to Kuantan
PHP 3,099 Cebu to Kuala Lumpur
PHP 3,299 Cebu to Langkawi
PHP 3,299 Cebu to Ipoh
PHP 3,099 Cebu to Penang
PHP 3,299 Cebu to Kota Bharu
PHP 5,799 Cebu to Malé
PHP 4,899 Cebu to Luang Prabang
PHP 4,299 Cebu to Vientiane

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