This is my biggest trip not only in Indonesia but for the whole year of 2016. My month-long adventure in this beautiful country was spread over three separate trips that happened rather unexpectedly & in excellent timing.

It started with a 2-week #TripofWonders media tour organized by Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism that brought me and over 30 top digital influencers to Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Lombok, the Komodo Islands & Bali. After that tour, I was off to Singapore with my family. We decided to go on a day trip to Batam Island, which was just a one-hour ferry ride away. The final 2-week trip in Bali & Lombok was one that I had already planned several months ago. On my own, I went trekking to Mount Rinjani and Mount Ijen (volcanoes), explored more of Bali, and traveled with new found friends to nearby Nusa Penida Island.


Route Map

Trip Itinerary

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Leg 1 — Indonesia #TripofWonders

DestinationsJakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Lombok, Gili Islands, Komodo Islands, Labuan Bajo, Bali.

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Leg 2 — Batam Island

DestinationsBatam, Singapore.

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Leg 3 — Bali, Mount Rinjani, Lombok & Ijen

DestinationsBali, Mount Ijen, Banyuwangi, Lombok, Mount Rinjani, Nusa Penida.

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This trip is part of Marcos’ 2016 Detours series.

Places featured on this trip:

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IN PHOTOS: On his tour of Komodo National Park, Marcos enjoys the sights and food of laidback Labuan Bajo, the jump-off town to the Komodo Islands, Indonesia.
IN PHOTOS: Marcos arrives in Bali and enjoys a luxurious stay at Alila Seminyak along Seminyak Beach.
IN PHOTOS: A day tour around Jakarta takes Marcos to the city’s Little India, Chinatown, Dutch-Colonial & Central Business District.
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IN PHOTOS: Marcos joins a 2-day speedboat tour around the islands of Komodo National Park in remote eastern Indonesia.
IN PHOTOS: Marcos enjoys a full-day exploring the heritage sites and food of Yogyakarta, from dusk ’till dawn.
IN PHOTOS: Marcos arrives in Bandung by train from Jakarta. He explores NuArt Sculpture Park & Sheraton Bandung Hotel on his first day in the city.
IN PHOTOS: Marcos takes a tour around the natural, cultural & city sights of Bandung, Indonesia.

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