Bandung was the 2nd stop on our Indonesia #TripofWonders tour, the first leg of my 1-month Indonesia adventure. I was surprised to discover Bandung to be such a cool city, especially because I didn't know much about the place prior to my first visit, other than being one of the country's largest urban areas. We had a fun experience visiting the city's nature & art parks, indulging in excellent coffee & food, shopping at outlet malls and soaking in the cultural landscape.


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Route Map


Trip Itinerary

Day 1

DestinationsJakarta & Bandung.


Jakarta to Bandung Train via Argo Parahyangan

Lunch at N Cafe NuArt Sculpture Park

NuArt Sculpture Park

Dinner at Sheraton Bandung Hotel

Rest at Sheraton Bandung Hotel

Day 2



Breakfast at Sheraton Bandung Hotel

Coffee & snacks at Armor Kopi

Lunch at Dusun Bamboo

Dusun Bamboo

Saung Angklung Udjo

Dinner at Roemah Nenek

Rest at Sheraton Bandung Hotel

Day 3

DestinationsBandung & Yogyakarta.


Breakfast at Sheraton Bandung Hotel

Outlet Shopping

Lunch at Vanilla Kitchen Restaurant

Bandung to Yogyakarta flight via Lion Air

This trip is part of Marcos' 2016 Detours, 1 Month in Indonesia & 2 Weeks Indonesia #TripofWonders 2016 travel series.



This trip is part of Marcos’ 2 Weeks Indonesia #TripofWonders 2016, 1 Month in Indonesia & 2016 Detours series.

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IN PHOTOS: Marcos arrives in Bandung by train from Jakarta. He explores NuArt Sculpture Park & Sheraton Bandung Hotel on his first day in the city.
IN PHOTOS: Marcos takes a tour around the natural, cultural & city sights of Bandung, Indonesia.
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