11 weeks in Indochina

Route Map


Itinerary Highlights

Leg 1 — One Month in North Thailand:

Day 1 — Manila to Chiang Mai via Kuala Lumpur & Clark

Day 2 to 19  — Chiang Mai

Day 20 to 24 — Umphang & Tak — Thi Lo Su Waterfall

Day 24 to 26 — Sukhothai & Kamphaeng Phet

Day 27 to 31 — Chiang Rai & Phrae

Leg 2 — Three Weeks in Laos:

Day 31 to 32 — Chiang Rai to Luang Prabang

Day 33 to 34 — Luang Prabang

Day 35 to 39 — Nong Khiaw & Muang Ngoi Neua

Day 40 to 45 — Vang Vieng & Vientiane

Day 46 to 48  — Champasak & Bolaven Plateau

Leg 3 — Two Weeks in Cambodia, Vietnam & Thailand:

Day 49 to 53 — Phnom Penh & Kratie

Day 53 to 55 — Ho Chi Minh

Day 56 — Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap via Phnom Penh

Day 57 to 59 — Siem Reap

Day 60 to 61 — Bangkok

Leg 4 — Two Weeks in Myanmar:

Day 62 to 64 — Yangon

Day 65 to 68 — Bagan

Day 69 to 73 — Mandalay & Hsipaw

Day 74 — Kyaiktiyo

Day 75 — Yangon to Manila via Kuala Lumpur & Clark

Trips on this series:

This trip is part of Marcos’ 2012 Detours series.

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IN PHOTOS: Marcos enjoys a tour of Mandalay’s heritage sites & ventures beyond the ancient cities, aboard the train to Hsipaw, in Myanmar.
IN PHOTOS: Lured by majestic sunrise and sunset views overlooking thousands of ancient temples, Marcos find himself on a 4 day trip in Bagan, Myanmar.
IN PHOTOS: Marcos arrives in Myanmar & discovers Yangon’s captivating heritage sites. He journeys south of the city and enjoys a sublime sunset view of the Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock Pagoda.
IN PHOTOS: Marcos on a three-day trip in Bangkok, Thailand, wanders around Khao San, Siam area & Chao Phraya Riverside.
IN PHOTOS: On his second trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia, Marcos enjoys a multi-day tour of Ankor’s ancient temples.
IN PHOTOS: Marcos travels overland to Vietnam, from Cambodia, and explores the tourist district in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon).
IN PHOTOS: Marcos follows the Indochina banana pancake trail. He finds himself exploring Phnom Penh & Kratie in Cambodia.
IN PHOTOS: Marcos finds Laos’ most majestic waterfalls in the Bolaven Plateau & travels to the ancient temple of Vat Phu near Pakse, Champasak.
IN PHOTOS: Marcos explores the amazing natural landscapes in Vang Vieng and peaceful cityscapes in Vientiane, Laos.
IN PHOTOS: The call of off-beat adventures, takes Marcos to the remote riverside villages of Nong Khiaw & Muang Ngoi in Northern Laos.

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