The Komodo Islands was the 4th stop on our Indonesia #TripofWonders tour, the first leg of my 1-month Indonesia adventure. This leg was definitely my favorite. Just the thought of meeting real-life dragons & venturing to the remote islands of the country already got me going. Little did I know, the Komodo Islands were well worth the visit even just for its breathtaking scenery.

To get there, we had to fly back to Bali from Lombok and take another flight to Labuan Bajo in Flores, the jump-off point to Komodo National Park. We spent two full days on amazing speedboat tours that took us around the islands and three nights enjoying the small-town yet cosmopolitan charm of Labuan Bajo.


Route Map


Trip Itinerary

Day 1

DestinationsLombok, Bali, Labuan Bajo.


Lombok to Bali flight on Garuda Indonesia

Bali to Labuan Bajo flight on Kalstar

Eat at Tree Top

Rest and free time at Laprima Hotel

Sunset & drinks at Paradise Bar

Eat at Bajo Taco

Rest at Laprima Hotel

Day 2

DestinationsKomodo Islands & Labuan Bajo.


Breakfast at Laprima Hotel

Komodo Island

Pink Beach

Picnic lunch at Pink Beach

Manta Point

Kanawa Island

Eat at Mediterraneo

Rest at Laprima Hotel

Day 3

DestinationsKomodo Islands & Labuan Bajo.


Breakfast at Laprima Hotel

Padar Island

Lunch at Rinca Island

Rinca Island

Kelor Island

Eat at La Cucina

Rest at Laprima Hotel

Day 4

Destinations — Labuan Bajo & Bali.


Breakfast at Laprima Hotel

Labuan Bajo to Bali flight on Kalstar

This trip is part of Marcos’ 2016 Detours, 1 Month in Indonesia & 2 Weeks Indonesia #TripofWonders 2016 travel series.



This trip is part of Marcos’ 2 Weeks Indonesia #TripofWonders 2016, 1 Month in Indonesia & 2016 Detours series.

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