After a 3 day trip in Balut & Sarangani Islands, our journey continued on land from General Santos to Davao.

Along the way, we did a side trip to Glan in Sarangani Province. This town is home to Gumasa Beach, known as the Small Boracay of the South because of its long white sand beach.

We made sure to check it out, and two more beach coves — Taluya Beach & Isla Jardin del Mar Resort.

We only had one full day to explore Davao and needed a bit of downtime, especially after the tiring treks we did in Lake Holon, Balut Island and Lake Sebu.

So we mostly did food trips in Davao, indulging on cheap P100+  buffets, roadside Durian, and a sunset walk at Magsaysay Park.

As our trip was about to end with the final (direct) Davao to Iloilo flight, we were offered an option to take a connecting flight via Cebu in exchange for a free flight that we could redeem in the future.

We quickly claimed the opportunity since we didn’t have anything important planned that day.

And, found ourselves on a quick layover tour in Mactan Island, Cebu.

From Mactan Airport we had just enough time to go to nearby Mactan Newtown for a quick breakfast and Mactan / Lapu-Lapu Shrine.


Route Map


Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Places General Santos » Glan, Sarangani » Davao City.

9AM — General Santos to Glan, Sarangani shuttle — P100 + P50 drop-off at Taluya Beach.

10:30AM — Rest at Brod Louie Beach Resort in Taluya Beach — P260 cottage rental per day.

2PM — Start Glan Beaches tour

Transport to Gumasa Beach on habal-habal — P50 per motorcycle

2:15PM — Gumasa Beach sightseeing

2:45PM — Transport to Isla Jardin del Mar Resort on habal-habal — P250 round-trip per motorcycle w/ drop-off at Glan van terminal.

3PM — Isla Jardin del Mar Resort sightseeing.

4:30PM — Glan to Davao City shuttle.

Rest in Davao City.

Day 2

Places — Davao City.

Start Davao City tour.

Stroll at Gaisano Mall (GMall) of Davao.

Eat at Tita D’s buffet — P169 per person.

Sunset at Magsaysay Park

Durian tasting & pasalubong shopping at fruit stalls outside Magsaysay Park.

Eat at Davao Green Buffet Haus — P158 per person.

Rest in Davao City.

Day 3

Places — Davao City » Mactan, Cebu.

Davao City Center to Davao Airport taxi.

Davao to Cebu flight.

Mactan-Cebu Airport to Marina Mall multicab commute.

Marina Mall to Mactan Newtown multicab commute.

Breakfast at Mactan Newtown.

Mactan Newtown to Mactan Shrine jeepney commute.

Mactan Shrine sightseeing & pasalubong shopping — Magellan’s Marker & Lapu-Lapu Shrine.

Mactan Shrine to Cebu Airport taxi.

Cebu to Iloilo flight.

This trip is part of Marcos’ 12 Days Southcentral Mindanao Highlands & Islands & 2016 Detours travel series.


This trip is part of Marcos’ 12 Days Southcentral Mindanao Highlands & Islands & 2016 Detours series.

Places featured on this trip:

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