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Route Map

Trip Itinerary

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Leg 1

Route General Santos (South Cotabato) » Koronadal » T'Boli » Lake Holon » Lake Sebu.

Day 1 to 6 — Lake Holon, Lake Sebu & South Cotabato

Iloilo to General Santos flight on Cebu Pacific

General Santos to Kule-T’boli transport with overnight in Koronadal City

Lake Holon crater lake trek (traverse) via Kule & Salacafe trail.

Salacafe-T’boli to Lake Sebu transport.

Lake Sebu & Lake Seloton tour.

Lake Sebu to General Santos transport.

General Santos stopover.

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Leg 2

Route — General Santos » Balut Island (Sarangani Islands, Davao Occidental) » Olanivan Island » Sarangani Island

Day 7 to 9 — Balut and Sarangani Islands

General Santos to Balut Island ferry.

Balut Volcano summit trek.

Sarangani Islands boat tour — Olanivan Island & Sarangani Island.

Balut Island inland tour.

Balut Island to General Santos ferry.

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Leg 3

Route — General Santos » Gumasa Beach (Glan, Sarangani) » Davao City » Mactan (Cebu).

Day 10 to 12 — Sarangani, Davao & Cebu

General Santos to Glan, Sarangani transport.

Gumasa & Glan beaches tour

Glan to Davao City transport.

Davao city tour.

Davao to Cebu flight.

Mactan, Cebu stopover.

Cebu to Iloilo flight.

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This trip is part of Marcos' 2016 Detours  travel series.

This trip is part of Marcos’ 2016 Detours series.

Places featured on this trip:

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