Yogyakarta was the 3rd stop on our Indonesia #TripofWonders tour, the first leg of my 1-month Indonesia adventure. It was my second time to visit this beautiful city after a 4-day Yogyakarta adventure in 2012.

I instantly got excited when I saw our itinerary because it included activities that I didn’t get to experience the first-time. Because we arrived in the late afternoon on Day 1 and left early morning on Day 3, we only really had one full day to enjoy Yogyakarta. It was a day well spent as we got to enjoy a jam-packed itinerary from sunrise to sundown.


Route Map


Trip Itinerary

Day 1

DestinationsBandung & Yogyakarta.


Afternoon — Bandung to Yogyakarta Flights on Lion Air

Arrival in Yogyakarta

Evening — Eat at Ayam Goreng Suharti

Rest at Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel

Day 2



Wake up

Hotel to Borobudur transport

Sunrise at Borobudur

Eat at Stupa by Plataran

Cycling around Borobudur Village, Batik & Pottery Making

Eat at Wanurejo Village

Royal Tea Ceremony & Heritage Tour at Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel

Ratu Boko sunset tour

Omah Dhuwur Restaurant

Malioboro Street shopping and walking tour

Rest at Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel

Day 3

DestinationsYogyakarta & Lombok.


Yogyakarta to Bali flight on Garuda Indonesia

Bali to Lombok flight on Garuda Indonesia

This trip is part of Marcos’ 2016 Detours, 1 Month in Indonesia & 2 Weeks Indonesia #TripofWonders 2016 travel series.


Series: 4 Days in Jakarta

Series: 3 Days in Bandung


This trip is part of Marcos’ 2 Weeks Indonesia #TripofWonders 2016, 1 Month in Indonesia & 2016 Detours series.

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IN PHOTOS: Marcos enjoys a full-day exploring the heritage sites and food of Yogyakarta, from dusk ’till dawn.
A full day exploring the UNESCO World Heritage sites and local flavors in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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