Top Tips on Searching for Hotels & Hostels Online

#1 Book your stay sooner than later — Unlike airfares, prices on accommodations usually does not change depending on booking dates. One big downside to booking late is cheap rooms getting get sold out the closer you are to your travel date. Book early, as soon as you know you are traveling. If your travel dates are not final, search for places to stay with free or minimal cancellation fees.

#2 Search anonymously — Set your browser to incognito or private mode when performing your search. Browsing anonymously may display cheaper prices.

#3 Save time by filtering results — Use the search filters to save time on finding hotels, resorts, and hostels well-suited for your budget and needs. This is done by filtering or sorting the results by price or any criteria you choose.

#4 Search on price comparison sites — These sites are a quick and easy way to compare prices on places to stay in any destination worldwide. Start your search on Momondo.

#5 Check rankings on review sites — Make sure to check the top-rated accommodations and rankings in review sites like Tripadvisor for a quick way to find the best places to stay in the area.

#6 Visit travel guides and blogs — This can be a huge time-saver, especially if you do not have time to search online yourself or if you’re looking for exceptional accommodations recommended and researched by other travelers. You can find more tips on by visiting the destination guides.

#7 Search multiple sites — Make sure to search as many places as possible to get reliable results. Not all sites offer the same rates. View the list of top booking sites.

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